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Below is information on the Inver Wood Women’s Club in Inver Grove Heights. We hope that you are interested in playing golf this summer at Inver Wood and being a part of the Women’s Club. We offer a Monday night league on both the Executive and Championship courses. These are both 9 hole leagues.
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Inver Wood Women’s Club: Important Events/Dates –
April 15, 20196:00 p.m.Registration at Inver Wood Club House
(attendance only required if you have not returned registration w/fees)
April 29, 20196:00 p.m.Information and Member Meeting at Club House (+ schedules will be available) (One team member must attend)
May 6, 2019Tee Times vary (4:45 – 6:00)League Play Begins *Tee-times vary each week
August 5, 2019Tee Times varyLeague Play Ends (total of 12 weeks)
August 12, 2019TBDClub Tournament (*This date may change depending on any rainouts that need to be rescheduled)
Sept. 16, 2019TBDAnnual Banquet
Women’s Saturday Morning Golf Clinics FREE (9:00 am – 10:30 am)

These clinics are open to all women and are offered free of charge.

You do not need to register in advance. Clubs will be provided if needed.

Please meet on the east side of the clubhouse
The Inver Wood Women’s Club was organized to:
  • Promote the game of golf
  • Provide an opportunity for league play
  • Provide handicap service for members
  • Provide exposure to other golf organizations such as U.S. Golf Association, Minnesota Women’s Public Golf Association (MGA), and Minnesota Golf Association
League Definition
The Women’s Club League consists of players and substitutes that are members of the Women’s Club. They have registered and paid the appropriate fees for league membership. For 2019, a minimum of a 12-week schedule is require
League Format – Monday Night 9 Hole
Each team can be comprised of up to four players; however, only two people will play each week.
Opposing team players are matched each week with 2 other members of the league (making a foursome.) Using handicaps 2 points are awarded to the winning 2 players in each match. In addition, 2 points are awarded to the team with the lowest combined score with handicap. It is possible to earn 6 points per week per team. Ties will split the points.
The 2019 golf season will be 12 weeks starting on May 6, 2019 and conclude on Monday, August 6. 2019. There will be NO GOLF on Memorial Day and July 1 due to 4th of July holiday.
Tee times and team standings:
All players will receive an 18-hole handicap. For members without a previously established handicap, five 18-hole rounds or ten 9-hole rounds are required to establish an 18-hole handicap. Each member should have one handicap and one GHIN #. The GHIN # is the identification number on your handicap card. Existing members will be given the same GHIN. New members should supply a GHIN if they previously had a handicap from another course, otherwise a new number will be issued and their handicap will have to be re-established.
Team Matching
We will provide single players seeking to form a team with information on other single players or teams wanting to add a third player.
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Explanation of FEES for 2019
Annual Dues: $70.00 / person
Included in Dues are:
  • Handicap Service-$25.00
  • Annual Banquet- $32.00
  • Eligibility for League, Club Events and MN Assoc. Events
  • Women’s Club Individual and Team Prizes-$11.00
  • Administrative incidental fees (postage, Checking account fee, Software...) $2.00
League Play: $10.00 / person
Included in League Play fee:
  • Monday Evening organized Events (prizes awarded at the end of year banquet) $4.00
  • League Banquet Gift-$5.00
  • Birdies and Eagle Prizes- $1.00
Plus Greens Fees:
  • Greens Fees for Executive Course League are $15.50 per week or $186.00 per person for the season on a two-person team.
  • Greens Fees for Championship Course League are $19.50 per week or $234.00 per person for the season on a two-person team.
of team
Club Dues
per person
Play per
Fees per
Total per
Total Team
Sub Only $70.00 $10.00 $0 $80.00
Executive/2 $70.00 $10.00 $186.00 $266.00 $532.00
Executive/3 $70.00 $10.00 $124.00 $204.00 $612.00
Executive/4 $70.00 $10.00 $93.00 $173.00 $692.00
Championship/2 $70.00 $10.00 $234.00 $314.00 $628.00
Championship/3 $70.00 $10.00 $156.00 $236.00 $708.00
Championship/4 $70.00 $10.00 $117.00 $197.00 $788.00
ALL FEES FOR THE ENTIRE LEAGUE SEASON ARE DUE APRIL 15, 2019! (This allows time for the schedules to be built)

In addition, league members can purchase a player’s card from the course, get a discount if they are a senior player and purchase a cart - cart fees are paid separately to the golf course.
  • Player's Card is available for $90.00 for Residents of IGH, $110.00 for Non-Residents. See this website at for more information. Player’s Card savings are rebated at the end of the season.
  • Seniors (discount) save $4.00 per week that you golf on the Executive, or $5.50 per week on the Championship. Senior savings are rebated at the end of the season. Senior rates are 60 years plus. You must sign the sheet in the Pro Shop each time you golf. If you do not sign in you will not receive a rebate.
  • 1/2 golf cart fees:
    Cart fees are paid each week directly to the golf course.
    Executive Course: $7.50 Sr. Executive: $7.00
    Championship Course: $13.00 Sr. Championship: $11.00
Teams are filled on a first paid/first assigned basis. IT IS HIGHLY SUGGESTED THAT YOU GET YOUR REGISTRATION AND FEES IN THE MAIL PRIOR TO REGISTRATION NIGHT TO ENSURE A PLACE IN THE LEAGUE. All open spaces are given on a first come/first serve basis at the kick-off meeting.

Make checks payable to IWWC and send registration to:
   Pat Coleman
   985 Winterberry Drive.
   Woodbury, MN 55125

2019 Board of Directors

2019 MGA Meetings & Tournament Sites These events are open to our club members. Follow the links below to see all the events available.
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