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2021 - 18 Hole Men's Senior League
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Thank you for your interest in Inver Wood’s 2021 Men’s Senior League. Inver Wood serves the community each golf season providing both open access and limited league formats that promote casual, social, and competitive golf play.

Below you will find all the information you need regarding format, scheduling, and the league registration process.

Once again thank you for your interest in Inver Wood Golf Course

» Thursday Mornings - 8:30 AM to 10:00 AM
» Sixteen Week Season Tee Times: 8:30 – 10:00 AM
» Text IWGCSR to 57838 to receive league information & updates

ELIGIBILITY: Open to all interested individuals 60 + years of age. The Senior League is organized to allow participants the chance to meet new players, enjoy being outdoors and the exercise golf provides, but mainly for friendly competition and fun!

SEASON: The season will be for a total of 16 weeks of play. The season will begin on Thursday, May 6th and end on Thursday August 19th. Tee Times will begin at 8:30 AM and run through 10:00 AM each Thursday morning.

PLAY: All players must have a current U.S.G.A handicap. A different contest/game will be held each week.

Green fees will be collected from each individual on the day of play.
Individual Entry Fee:
For: Weekly Prize System

Handicap Fee (per player):

All individuals interested in playing in the Saturday league must fill out a league application form and return it to the Inver Wood Golf Shop. League registration forms may be picked up at the Golf Shop or a downloadable form is available on this site. Interested individuals may join the league at any time provided the $50 entry fee is paid.
May 6th – Stableford Points
Player with the most points wins. Scoring is as follows: 1 point net bogey, 2 points net par, 3 points net birdie, 4 points net eagle.
May 13th – Blind Bogey
Each player completes their round. Six (6) randomly selected holes, by the Inver Wood Staff, will be thrown out. The twelve (12) remaining holes are added up. Low score wins.
May 20th – Quota Points
The goal is to beat a pre-determined target score of 36 points. Each golfer begins play with the amount of points equal to their course handicap (ex: if a player’s course handicap is 10, then 10 is his starting amount of points). Your gross (not net) score on a hole earns you points in the following way: Bogey = 1 point, Par = 2 points, Birdie = 4 points, Eagle = 8 points. You add each holes points to your starting point total (Example: a player’s handicap is 10, so his starting point total is 10, if he pars the first hole (gross) he gets 2 points, so he now has 12 points). The golfer whose point total exceeds 36 by the most wins.
May 27th - Red Tees
Play will be from the Red tee markers. Gross score minus handicap.
June 3rd – Gold/Red/White
The first 6 holes are played from the Gold tees, the second 6 holes from the Red tees, and the last 6 holes played from the White tees. Player handicaps will be based off the Gold tees.
June 10th – Quota Points
(See May 21st)
June 17th - Putts
Player with the fewest putts wins.
June 24th – 4 Man Scramble (Best Shot)
Team pairings will be made by the Inver Wood staff based on handicap. Each player tees off on a hole. The team then selects the best drive and marks it. Each member of the team then hits the next shot from the mark. Each subsequent shot is made in this manner until the hole is completed. Every team members drive must be used at least twice.
July 1st – Quota Points
(See May 20th)
July 8th - Blind Bogey
(See May 13th)
July 15th – Stableford Points
(See May 6nd))
July 22nd – Red Tees
(See May 27th)
July 29th – Putts
(See June 17th)
August 5th – Quote Points
(See May 20th)
August 12th – Gold/Red/White
(See June 3rd)
August 19th – Scramble “Best Shot” (4 Man Team)
(See June 24th)
*Each weeks play will also include on-course events.
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